Brooks Van Norman is the creator of The Unfair Advantage, a marketing method that speeds up sales cycles and increases profit with buyer driven marketing.

A direct response trainer and marketer, Brooks helps service providers grow their bottom line by aligning their sales and marketing with buyer intent.

About Brooks Van Norman

Three Reasons You Should NOT Be Here:

Hi, I’m Brooks Van Norman.

You know the funny thing about these “about me” pages is that they always seem to be written in the third person… but they’re actually written by the person who owns the site.

What’s up with that?

So, after trying that a few times, I gave up on that weird approach and just wrote this page like I’m writing a letter to a good friend.

Because in many ways, it actually is.

So what do you want to know about me? I’m 46 years old and live in British Columbia, Canada with my wife and three cats.

That’s probably not the stuff you’re looking for.

What you’re probably asking, is something like, “Is this guy worth my time?”

For most people, the answer is NO.

Here's Why:

I can not fix your business overnight.

For some reason, people seem to think that because we live in the digital age, they can simply press a few buttons and magically start generating more revenue and higher profit margins instantly.

But I get it.

Actually, it's taken me more than 10 years to figure this stuff out. 

Helping the right clients profitably improve their customer-getting capabilities - that's my main focus.  I also run my own video production business called Hot Pepper Videos. It produces a strong, stable income - but took lots of work, frustration and perseverance to get it there.

… and still takes effort to keep it running.

Which brings me to my next point...​

If you’re not prepared to make the commitment of about TEN TIMES more effort than you’re expecting to make YOUR business successful, I’m probably NOT your guy.

If you’re not willing to advertise and think cold calling is the answer, you’re not going to enjoy my stuff.

Just so we’re clear, I do not sell advertising or promote cold calling or email spamming a list of “target” prospects who haven't opted into your list.

I also don't waste my time with "search engine optimization".

Here’s why I’m telling you all this:

There are too many people out there hyping 'content marketing', 'social selling', chasing down 'target accounts' and trying to trick the search engines into getting on page one of Google. 

Do those things work?

Not anymore.

Are they scalable or aligned to how people actually make buying decisions today?


If you want to use those outdated tactics… your business isn't going to survive because you’re going against human nature and how money is made on the internet now.

I know this because I used to do those things myself until they were no longer effective.

They are now a waste of time.

If you want to waste time, watch tv.

It’s more fun.

If you’re looking for an “easy, quick way”, I don’t want to work with you.

It’s just important that you understand what I’m saying here.

When I hear a prospective client ask me, “what’s the easiest way”, what I’m really hearing is, “I’m not fully invested in the the long term success of my brand and my business… and therefore I don’t care about my customers.”

And all that just translates into “I just don’t want do much work.”

Here’s the deal, getting things right in any business so you’re crushing it every day is HARD WORK.

But when it’s all up and running just like you imagined, it is amazing - with highly qualified buyers consistently hiring your business, generating more revenue and healthy profits for you quarter after quarter.

It's like a machine you can count on to produce the results you always wanted. 

But building that machine that takes commitment, FOCUSSED WORK and discipline to maintain.

Are you still here? Good.

Here's What You Can Expect From Me:

- Actionable knowledge and strategies you can use in your sales and marketing, right now, for free… which will be followed by:

- Direct sales pitches.

Yes. Direct sales pitches.

Can you believe I just stated you can expect direct sales pitches from me?

Why wouldn’t I warn you?

Let’s be honest with each other - I’m a marketing strategist and I make money when people buy my services and products. So I am going to try and sell you something and I’m not going to be sneaky about it.

That’s why it’s called Direct Response Marketing.

The good news is the way I sell is ALWAYS preceded by highly valuable strategies that you can use immediately.

For Free.

Of course the basic idea here is that you’ll say, “This guy’s free stuff helped me, I wonder how much more value I can get if I try his paid stuff and work with him directly?”

Simple, right?

I call it the “Show People You Can Actually Help Them By Actually Helping Them” trick.

Works great! Nearly every successful company in the world does it too.

It’s called THE FREE TRIAL.

So How Will I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good?

Great question!

The smartest thing you can do right now is just get some of my free stuff: Check out my blog. Attend my next webinar.

If you like it, you’ll probably benefit from my services too.

If you don’t like it, you probably won’t enjoy working with me.

But Wait...

I thought these pages are supposed to be about me and all my accomplishments, education, certificates and experience?

Well, here’s the thing - every single client I’ve ever worked with NEVER asked about any those things. Not one.

What you should be asking yourself about me is ONE question:

"Can this guy help me?"

But since you asked, here’s a brief history of my business experience.

I started my professional sales and marketing career in 1999 selling reporting software for a company that doesn’t exist any more (it got bought by a bigger company and then that company got bought by an even bigger one).

There, I became one of the top sales people while acquiring valuable sales and marketing skills that helped me sell lots of software. Then I went on to teach their dealer network what I was doing to be so successful helping them grow their line of business.

For over 10 years I've been a self-employed sales and marketing consultant and have helped my clients generate over $50 Million in incremental revenue.

I've always had my own revenue generating internet projects. Some examples include a sales training program I wrote on how to sell high ticket enterprise software and fee-based video guides on how to buy luxury cars.

My childhood dream of becoming an actor was dashed when it became clear the odds were slim in becoming successful.

Never one to give up on a dream, I instead started making animated movies for companies to better explain their products and services with short motion graphics called "Explainer Videos".

Today, my video production business is thriving and continues to acquire profitable customers every month - because of the advertising and sales machine I built for it.

Yup, advertising and good ol' fashioned selling.

Because I've learned how to spend a dollar and turn it into five, ten and even fifteen dollars, my video business keeps growing in a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE market.

Turning advertising into profit is the safest, most lucrative and reliable way to build a business.


We live in the most incredible time in history because if you have the right knowledge, you can use advertising to precisely and predictively build your business.

Showing other business people how to grow their revenue and profits with my knowledge energizes me more than anything, because I love seeing my clients dominate and leave their struggles behind.

That's what I want for you.

To consistently increase your bottom line, you just have to get reasonably good at two things:

1. Advertise profitably to the right audience.

2. Turn qualified buyers into lucrative customers.

That’s it.

Just those two things.

That’s all you need to do for all the revenue and profit you can handle.

Here’s What I Will Help You With:

The main thing I’m here to help you with is turn advertising into profit.

The way I do that is by using a combination of direct response advertising techniques and buyer-centric sales methods with traffic that is already out there and waiting for you.

I help clients create more profit by guiding them to improved performance in the areas of digital advertising, website conversion and sales skills.

The result usually eliminates burnout, brings peace of mind and creates more profit.

Because when you better align your business with active buyers, it’s literally like having an unfair advantage in your marketplace.

It’s why I call my method The Unfair Advantage.

In my opinion, it is the Holy Grail of sales and marketing.

Here's My First Sales Pitch To You:

Go to my blog and read one of my articles.

If you like it, please sign up for my next webinar.

If you find it helpful, consider buying my services when I make you an offer.

Simple, right?

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, now let’s get to work! 

Brooks Van Norman

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