Does anybody actually read these about pages anymore?

My hair is brown and my eyes are blue (both recessive traits in my family). I use my right hand and ‘right brain’. I’m of Dutch and Ukrainian descent. 

Brooks Van NormanI like the web.  I like business. I like people.

I currently live in the most amazing place north of the US-Canada border…possibly even the world… and the only true desert climate in CanadaKelowna, British Columbia. This produces some great wine and amazing weather and attracts some really cool people I’m lucky enough to call friends.

I earn my living primarily online  – as web video producer and sales process consultant.

It’s been difficult for me to stay away from a computer since my uncle bought me a 386 IBM clone in grade 10. It was a great follow up to the Atari, the ColecoVision and the Commodore64. While getting familiar with the computer, I failed algebra 11 three times and then realized algebra wasn’t going to work for me.


As luck would have it, computer science was just being offered as graduation eligible credit. I enrolled and passed computer science 11 with high marks after writing my first program in Pascal which produced the highly original on-screen output of “Hello World”, thus allowing me to graduate high school and become permanently addicted to all kinds of technology.

~Brooks Van Norman

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