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Squamish Chief Hike

Here are some shots from a hike that we did up the Chief in Squamish. The Chief is part of the Shannon Lake Provincial Park here in British Columbia, where Shannon Falls are. The Falls are worth seeing even if you don’t do the hike. It’s a fairly easy hike with a few spots that are quite steep.

It’s a great way to spend the day if you’re in Vancouver and looking for something active to do.

The view from the top is breath taking. You can see all the up the Sea to Sky Highway North towards Whistler, the Town of Squamish in the valley below, the ocean to the south. Bring lots of snacks and water. Most of the hike is covered with trees, but you’ll want to wear a hat anyway to keep the bugs off your lid.

We did the hike in May and the temperature was cool, so make sure you layer. You don’t need hiking boots – we saw many people in runners, but a good boot would certainly make the experience better.

The trail is well marked and should take the average weekend warrior about 4 – 5 hours round trip, including a good hour up top to rest, eat and enjoy the view. The drive from downtown Vancouver is about 40 minutes to the base of the hike.

Traci and I climbed up to the second peak: